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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What makes MoVibe unique?
    Every talent works exclusively with Moneen (The Mo of MoVibe). You benefit from direct exposure to 34 years of experience. You are met where you are so you may get to where you want to go!
  • What is the Vibe and Voice System?
    The foundation of work done is based on 3 Universal Principles and 5 Talent Intensives. Content offered has been influenced with the wonderful study with Dr. Claudia Pacheco, Fabienne Frederickson and Tom Todoroff.
  • Do I need to be an actor, voiceover talent or radio personality to work with MoVibe?"
    All professional speakers are invited to work with The MoVibe Voice and Vibe System. These are universal tools and techniques that will boost your comfort and confidence in speaking in front of anyone at any time about any thing!
  • Who are Mo's influences?
    Regarding Wisdom - Moneen has been fortunate to study twice with one of the world's Top 100 most influencial spirital leaders - Cynthia Bourgeault. Regarding Performance - Moneen is a founding member of the Tom Todoroff Saturday Workshop and about to enroll in a Summertime Intensive! Moneen has been in front of major market microphones for 34 years. Regarding Marketing - Moneen continues to study with Fabienne Fredrickson of
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