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What MoVibe Colleagues and Partners Say

" I wouldn’t be where I am now without Moneen’s coaching, guidance, production talents, and sound advice. 

Vicki Liston - 10 Year Client and Colleague

Voiceover Talent, Video Producer, DIY Host and Singer

You offer incredible value Moneen. Your patience and kindness got me a demo, studio and actual auditions and call backs. As I mentioned, I knew in the first 40 minutes of talking with you that I had already learned more in that time than in the previous year with someone else. You’re excellent at what you do and you care…a lot.

Pristine Audio. Perfect Delivery. It's not often the firt take goes strait to on air.

You are a Pro's Pro

Grady Moates - Veteran Radio Engineer

I love my Demo. It's exactly what I wanted - again! I learn something new every time I talk with you. Thank you!

Gretchen Gale - 8 Year Client

Voiceover Talent, Singer and Songwriter

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